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WaxXXX Products


Huile De Jasmine Jasmine Oil

Used under all Wax XXX waxes. This is used during pre-waxing to create a protective barrier for the skin, preparing the skin for waxing and easy release of wax & hair. Also used during post-waxing to remove wax residue.
(500 ml)


Gel Parfaichissant Á La Menthe Refresh Mint Gel

A Post Wax Soothing Gel
Made of natural ingredients, plant-based extract.

This gel contains mint with good antiseptic properties. The cooling herb stimulates the sense and improves mood. A good dose can help increase blood circulation, effectively relieves itching and removes toxic congestion. The cooling effect on the skin stimulates a vasoconstrictor action that helps to reduce redness of the skin and reduce dilated capillaries.
(500ml Bottle)


Gommage Corps Extrait de Rose

Rose Extract Body Scrub
This gentle scrub made of micro beads. Its foaming lather rinses off completely without leaving behind any residue, sweeping away dead skin cells that helps to prevent ingrown hair. Your skin is left feeling clean and refreshed. Use often for skin moisturizing and a sweet smelling body.
(200 ml Tube)


Lotion Contre Les Poils Incarnés

Anti-Ingrown Hair Lotion
Reduces ingrown hairs and red bumps after waxing. This slightly acidic serum contains a lotion that that allows the hair to break through the skin without obstruction. It also relieves the irritation that causes razor bumps. Women can use it on bikini line, underarms, legs and facial areas. Men can apply it on beards and neck area.
(125 ml Bottle)


Mousse Retard des Poils

Hair Retard Mousse
This Papain rich mousse not only weakens hair and slows down the re-growth of new hair, but also acts as a skin defoliator. Apply with a light massage after waxing. The Menthol in this light mousse is also soothing and refreshing; it works magic on a pair of tired legs.

Use daily after shower or bath for 7 days following the waxing treatment. For tired legs, apply when needed. Women can use it on bikini line, underarms, legs, and facial areas. Men can apply it on beards and neck area.
(200 ml Bottle)


UV Hydro Blanc

Hydro Whitening UV Body Milk
Rich in whitening properties from plant extracts, this emulsion progressively whitens the skin whilst preventing dehydration and loss of elasticity. Thanks to its light texture, it is easily applied and absorbed into the skin, and brings a softness and velvety touch to the epidermis without leaving a greasy or occlusive film.
(120 ml Bottle)


La Parfaite Cire Bleue Perfect Blue

The strong polymers in the formulation allows for flexibility, most suitable for use on long hairs in all areas. Quick to dry and it does not break or becomes brittle when dry. Due to the low temperature, applications may be applied on the different areas to significantly cut down waxing time.

The lanolin in the wax soothes the skin during waxing.

* Suitable for long coarse hair, e.g. legs, arms, body & Brazilian.

(1000gm Bag Refill Beads)


La Parfaite Cire Rose Perfect Pink

This beautiful pink wax is formulated with titanium dioxide, an anti-irritant that is also known to enhance the skin’s natural protection from damaging UV rays. The creamy texture forms a flexible application that allows gentle removal. This wax is most suitable for short coarse hairs, for use on face, underarms, bikini and Brazilian.

The lanolin in the wax soothes the skin during waxing.

* Suitable for short coarse hair, stubby hair from shaving, ingrown hair and stubborn fine hair. Face, underarm, fingers & toes, legs, Brazilian.

1000gm Bag Refill Beads


La Parfaite Cire Parfum Perfect Scent

This soothing aromatherapy wax is formulated with the scent of the rose. The strong polymers in this formulation allows for flexibility during application. It does not get brittle or break during the removal. The grip is very tight and yet comfortable even on the most sensitive areas. This wax is recommended for short and stubby hairs, two days after a shave.The lanolin in the wax soothes the skin during waxing.

* Suitable for short coarse hair and clients who have been waxing regularly. Face, arms, legs, back & chest, Brazilian.
(1000gm Bag Refill Beads)


La Parfaite Cire De Riz Rice Wax

La Parfait Core de Riz, formulated with rice from Japan; this wax melts below 35 degrees. This fantastic wax with its low temperature formula makes waxing a breeze. The vitamins from the rice combined with the natural pine rosin moisturizes the skin as we wax. This is suitable for sensitive skin and also fine hair.

* Suitable for sensitive skin, gently removes fine long hairs. Legs, arms, back, chests and Brazilian.
(1000gm Bag Refill Beads)

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